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Firebox for pizza oven

Intended for installation in HOBBY and PROFESSIONAL pizza ovens, made by the clients (built/installed).

  • Supplied in a kit: Firebox, pipe adapter, door made of wrought iron with a thermometer and fire-resistant putty.
  • The installation of EuroBet fireboxes facilitates the construction of oven and ensures their high functionality.
  • At the customer’s request, EuroBet can carry out the lining of oven fireboxes, i.e. the complete manufacture of the pizza ovens.
  • A short time is required for the installation of the fireboxes.
  • It is possible to install the fireboxes in ovens of various styles and dimensions.
  • They work on wood.
  • The fireboxes are made of fire-resistant material with a very high percentage of aluminum oxide, which makes them particularly strong and resistant to abrasion.
  • There are four variants of fireboxes:
    1. Firebox EBL 70 – rectangular shape, dimensions 70 x 50 cm, with an opening width of 50 cm;
    2. Firebox EBL 80 – round shape, diameter 80 cm, with an opening width of 60 cm;
    3. Firebox EBL 100 – round shape, diameter 100 cm, with an opening width of 60 cm;
    4. Firebox EBL 120 – round shape, diameter 120 cm, with an opening width of 60 cm;
  • Modern technology has brought together a remarkable quantity of thermally processed food products, ensuring high quality and rapid thermal processing, due to the uniform and efficient radiant heat (baking/cooking with equal speed all the food placed in the oven at the same time). In that way, we obtain the fine traditional taste of bread, pastries, Italian pizzas, baked meat and vegetables, food prepared under a baking bell (sač) etc. just as if they had been prepared in an old wood furnace.

Models of fireboxes for pizza ovens

Firebox EBL70
Firebox EBL70
Firebox EBL80
Firebox EBL80
Firebox EBL100
Firebox EBL100
Firebox EBL120
Firebox EBL120