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About Us

Our company, EuroBet, has been successfully operating since 1995. From the production of molds (polyester and polypropylene) for concrete products, we expanded our range of activities to the field of exclusive equipment, mainly for exteriors. Our current activities include:

  • the design, production and installation of garden and professional grills, barbecues and dryers.
  • the design, manufacture and installation of backyard fountains.
  • the design and manufacturing of edge panels for swimming pools.
  • the design and construction of bridges for garden water surfaces.
  • the design, manufacture and restoration of decorative facade elements.

Depending on their type, we manufacture products out of stone, marble, granite, brick, concrete, chamotte, plaster and polymers, combine with wrought iron, tempered glass and wood.  Although we have been headquartered in Belgrade, our many years of experience have allowed us to expand across the former Yugoslavia and abroad.